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Squamish Hotels & Motels – Budget Accommodation for Whistler Skiing

Many Whistler skiiers and snowboarders have discovered that the best way to ski on a budget in Whistler is to stay in nearby Squamish. If you have your own vehicle you can drive into Whistler each day. It’s about 45 minutes each way. Or take the convenient shuttle. It’s a beautiful drive through one of the most spectacular winter wonderlands on earth. The Tantalus mountains are breathtaking and streams and rivers weave their way through snow-covered forests.

It’s pretty much impossible to find Whistler hotel rates starting at only $65.00/night. Availability and selection are better in Squamish and Squamish offers a quiet alternative to the busy night life of Whistler. You’ll feel more rested for a great day of Whistler skiing :-).


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